Dalloyau – les Divas font leur show

Cake making, just like fashion, has changing seasons and trends. This is why each new menu is accompanied by a magnificent presentation, notably Dalloyau’s holiday season deserts.

“Les Divas font leur show” (Divas put on a show) is the theme of this new collection of four pieces, each more appetising than the last.

The Diva log with sheath dress.

The log is made of chocolate mousse and chocolate cremeux flavoured with Darjeeling tea, ylang ylang extract and Dalloyau meringue. It has a crunchy core of puffed chocolate rice and praline, wrapped in a majestic sheath dress of nougatine, covered in chocolate. Price: 57€ — serves 6.

The divine Religieuse de Rêve® Diva in a golden dress, on an ample Religieuse de Rêve with a black flame necklace.

A large puff pastry with chocolate crème pâtissière fondant and a sugared pastry base decorated with almond cream. Price: 51€ — serves 6/8.

The Prima Donna Diva in a princess dress on a glossy golden dessert, with a translucent figurine.

Strawberry sponge, vanilla supreme, citrus fruit and raspberry coulis covered with a mandarin meringue dress, and a bust sculpted from translucent sugar. Price: 66.50€ — serves 6/8.

The Diva in a lace veil on a base of iced profiteroles glazed with hot chocolate…

A generous helping of profiteroles glazed with Madagascan Bourbon vanilla icing, combined with a raspberry sorbet rosette, almond and caramel sponge, and a ‘chocolatiere’ to pour melted chocolate over the lace shell of pure dark Venezuelan chocolate. Price: 58€ — serves 6.

The delicate Diva’s Secrets and Jewellery Box, decorated with a magnetic feather broach with a diamond centre.

A box full of house chocolate truffles and Turin marrons glacés. Price: 39€

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Brian Leavy

BRIAN LEAVY, Co-fondateur


28 ans, Paris, Aventurier. "Live Fast Loud"



  1. Carmelle wrote, Monday, September 14, 2009 at 10:45

    L’évenement avait l’air superbe. Tout cela à l’air non seulement délicieux mais la mise en scène et le look des produits est également splendide.